Retro Saigon Interior

With the purpose of bringing back the vibe of Saigon Life in the 90s and educate young people about the beautiful unique cultural Saigon in the...

Unique-made bake toast

Toast is not originally made by Vietnam, but our R&D team work hard on the recipes trying to use all the Viet-taste ingredients to create a...

Original Vietnamese Coffee

The Vietnamese coffee is well-known all over the world as a strong bold flavor, Đen Đá offers that original taste to the customers, our coffee...

Milktea Express

Milktea is a new trend culture of drinking in the whole world wide. But different from those Taiwanese milktea brand, the milktea drinks at Đen Đá...

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Authentic Viet Coffee and Tea Base

Fresh tea leafs and coffee beans from the Viet farmers, embrace the best texture and taste of signature Viet taste.
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Little retro coffee shop that brings out the old Vietnam in the 80s

Who We Are

Who We Are

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Viet-taste twisted Toast